Bellinzoni Mastice 2000 is a 2-component Polyesterbaserad Stenlim series. It is for the repair or construction gluing of marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, agglomarmor, terrazzo, concrete and artificial stone.

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Bellinzoni Mastice 2000 is a 2-component polyester-based stone adhesive series. It is intended for repairing or filling damage to

marble, granite, limestone, sandstone, agglomerates, terrazzo, concrete and artificial stone. Mastice 2000 is available in both liquid and thickened forms for working on vertical surfaces.

Sold as transparent and in different colours. We stock most variants and will order the remainder when you need it.

Below you can see the range of colours and different viscosities.

Solid = Spackleable

Liquid = Liquid

Semisolid = In between the above


This color chart is only approximate and depending on your display settings, it may differ from the actual result.



1 can of Stenlim 750 ml + 1 tube of hardener.

Minimum Order: 1 pc

Extra hardener can be ordered separately

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