Performance Pad DUO has a unique abrasive composition that allows daily maintenance to be performed with only one washer. This is thanks to the surface of the pad that contains extra abrasive.

Together with any of our Stent Soap and Hulken products in your daily cleaning, your floors will be cleaner and will stay cleaner and more dirt-repellent for a longer time than with regular cleaning.

Performance Pad DUO does a mechanical processing and this results in very high gloss levels in all our measurements.

What are the benefits Performance Pad DUO:

Performance pad duo
  1. The abrasive surface of a Performance Pads Duo contains between 200 - 400% more abrasive material than market-leading competing discs.*
  2. You only need one roundabout to do the job, which saves time and money.
  3. Available in all standard sizes.
  4. Gives really shiny floors that don't get slippery.
  5. Can be used without chemicals but in combination with our products the surface will be cleaner, more beautiful and easier to clean.

*(this thanks to the number of fibres in the roundabout being 50-100% higher than those of competitors. And our roundels are dipped in the abrasive and not sprayed on. This gives a better result for you as a user and the roundel will have a high abrasive capacity over time.)

TIP: If the surface is in good condition, you can use DUO directly. If the surface is worn down at depth, you may need to use a Performance Pad RED to rebuild the surface from scratch. This will make it easier to get a really nice surface.

If you want to polish up plastic and concrete, you can use the Performance Pad DUO with a high-speed machine to get a fine, durable and glossy finish.

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