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What is Stone Soap and why should you use it?

Stonewash Special is a neutral environmentally friendly product for impregnation, protection, cleaning and daily care of all types of stone floors (marble, limestone, slate, granite, concrete and terrazzo (cement mosaic). It can also be used on unglazed artificial stone floors such as tiles, clinkers, terracotta and granite ceramics as well as oiled wooden floors and untreated or waxed linoleum carpets. Use for manual or machine cleaning and maintenance of all water-resistant floors.

The product cleans and protects in one step and leaves no water streaks. The floor becomes
water and dirt repellent which also facilitates cleaning after treatment. Mops will slip more easily and dirt will not take hold as it would on an untreated surface.

The floor will not be diffusion-proof but will breathe and ventilate any moisture in and under the floor. The product forms an extremely thin (monomolecular) layer of water-repellent lime soap. This means that water-soluble dirt will not be able to penetrate the surface's micropores as easily. It should be noted that the surface may take on a slightly darker hue as the surface is re-greased and protected. It is important to always do a test area in an inconspicuous place to check your floor's optimum need for stonewash to get the best results over the entire surface.

So why should you use Stent Soap Special?
You get a clean, easy-to-clean surface with a natural patina/gloss. Stent Soap Special is easy to use, flexible and cost effective.