Now there is Bra Miljöval-approved Perform Stentvål Special both as unpasteurized and perfumed. Ask for these at your dealer.

Perform Stentvål Special OP is approved according to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's new criteria. It is without perfume and has a light blue frame on the label.
New product: Perform Stentvål Special – Original BMV is approved according to the Swedish Society for Nature Conservation's new criteria. It is with perfume and has a gold-colored frame on the label.

Blue Evolution

BlueEvolution is more flexible than any other professional steam vacuum cleaner. Both
The steam and suction power has three settings. You can also regulate the hot water inlet continuously with a control valve, which allows you to set the bleed effect on the unit individually. Full Force for a cleaner and more environmental cleaning.

BlueEvolution is more environmentally friendly than almost any other cleaning system. It is only filled with clear water and minimizes water consumption thanks to the vapour pressure. There is no need for harmful or really aggressive chemicals. The uses of BlueEvolution are practically limitless.

Sports Facilities & Gym

Food industry

Hotel & Restaurant

Health & Healthcare

Industry sector

Automotive and transport sector.

Everywhere there can require environmentally friendly and really clean.

BlueEvolution really comes into its own in areas of high public traffic. Even large areas can be cleaned efficiently and quickly with little effort. Pathogens have no chance!

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Summer Times

At weeks 30, 31 and 32 we have closed at the central warehouse for delivery of products. Orders that you want sent out before closing, please send in at the latest on Tuesday 16 July. Orders received after July 16 are sent during week 33. Have a lovely summer.