Performance Pad 3 -stage is a cleaning and polishing pad containing abrasive. Used in the daily cleaning of natural stone, terrazzo, and concrete floors. You will raise the shine of the floor and get a more beautiful floor. To be used when the shine of the floor starts to fade. On shiny floors, clean with a standard red roundel.

Used together with Perform Stent Soap Special - Original. Together with Stent Soap, the lime that is released from the floor during grinding with Performance Pad will be bound to the grinding water.

Maintenance of the floor should then be done with Perform Stent Soap Special - Original and periodically broken with Perform Hulken Por-Rent.

Performance Pad 3-stage Red
Performance Pad 3 -steg Yellow
Performance Pad 3 -stage Green

Performance Pads 3-step - available in three different grinding grades with different colour coding:

White / Red 800 grit for micro grinding and cleaning

White / Yellow 1500 grit for polishing

White/Green 3000 grit for super polishing

Performance Pad 3 stages are available in all standard sizes from 5" (125 mm) to 21" (530 mm).

How long can you use it? Under normal conditions, a Performance Pad lifetime should last for 30,000 m²

How do you know that the roundabout is used up? When the coloured wear surface is gone, so is the grinding washer.

Why use a Performance pad 3-step? You can restore the shine of a worn floor by using all three steps. If the floor or surface has deeper scratches, it must be diamond ground first to remove these. Contact your local stone specialist.

If you want to achieve the highest gloss, after polishing with the green roundel you can wet-crystallise the floor with Perform MPC (this applies to calcareous stone floors).

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