Perform Klinkerrent is most often used in installation cleaning of granite ceramics, clinker tiles and tiled surfaces, but also in heavily soiled surfaces.

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Clinkerrent is most often used in installation cleaning of granite ceramics, tiles and tile surfaces, but also in heavily soiled surfaces. Perform Clinkerrent removes joint mill residues or cement film that remain on the surfaces after installation. Unglazed plates should always be cleaned with Perform Clinkerrent after installation. Remember to always water-saturate the joints before use. Perform Klinkerrent is part of the Perform Floor-Recond System.

Never used in machines but directly on the surface with, for example, Mop. Let Perform Klinkerrent work for a few minutes and then scour with scrubbing block or fog and edge brush or
Doodlebug Brush. Rinse thoroughly with water and repeat cleaning if necessary. Note that some tiles with so-called Konstglasyr not tolerate cleaning with Perform Klinkerrent or other acidic detergents. Perform Klinkerrent solves fat, lime and lighter superficial rust spots.

Tips: It is advantageous to impregnate cleaned granite ceramics and klinkerytorna and joints with Perform 17.40.  Daily cleaning after installation cleaning can be usefully performed with Perform Hulk Por-pure on glazed and impregnated surfaces and on unglazed surfaces used Perform Stentvål Special – the original.

Clinkerrent is part of our own production line Perform Floor-Recond System, which is manufactured in Sweden.

pH in concentrate approx. 1.

3 liters to 10 liters of lukewarm water.


3 x 5 liters per carton
48 x 3 x 5 liters per pallet (720 liters)

Only unbroken cartons can be ordered
Minimum order is 1 carton of 3 x 5 liters

EAN code Dunk 5 liters:


EAN code Carton of 3 x 5 liters: 


For the download of safety data sheets and product data sheets click here.

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