Perform Vertical Stone Cleaner is a deep cleaning agent designed for cleaning vertical surfaces such as facades, walls, stone shower walls, plinths and risers on stairs.

Perform Vertical Stone Cleaner is used both interior and exterior on natural stone, concrete, terrazzo (cement mosaic), clinker and slate and joints. Perform Vertical Stone Cleaner is formulated to remain on the vertical surface and effectively remove lighter byggrester, dirt and to clean joints.

Perform Verical Stone Cleaner is recommended for marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, limestone, slate and ceramic tiles where it cleans clogged pores and has a smutsabsorberande effect. Perfect for bathroom surfaces. Perform Vertical Stone Cleaner contains no solvents and no acid. The product is ready to be used immediately. Always perform a bonnet test area to control efficiency and results. Not for use on linoleum or plastic surfaces. Perform Vertical cleaner is part of Perform Floor-Recond

For professional use only. pH about 11.4. Store Frost-free.
User manual:
Shake before use. Spray the finished solution directly onto the vertical surface and let the product work for about 5 min. then scrub the surface with a brush, scouring sponge or similar. Rinse well with clean water. If the surface is very sucking, it can be wetted with water before treatment and then let it yttorka. Then treat the surface with Perform Vertical Stone cleaner as described above.


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