Crystallization is a classic method to give a stone floor a harder and more beautiful surface. Today it is popular with elegant, shiny surfaces that convey a luxurious character.  When the crystallization solution has appeared, we polish the hard surface shiny with various coarse steel wool, all according to your wishes. On the floor it has now formed a thin film of microcrystals with an extreme hardness/density that becomes part of the floor. We recommend the crystallization method to anyone who wants a shiny floor with a nice luster and a clean floor.

We also have a newer method that we call powder/wet crystallization. It is to make the floor completely clean from all kinds of chemicals such as polish etc. Then it hydrogens the floor with a little water and dispenses the powder. Then you work in the powder with a heavier singelskurmaskin or large scrubber. When the powder and lime in the stone reacts, a very shiny surface with high friction is achieved.


It is important that if the floor or stenytan is heavily worn, the diamantslipas and all damage must be removed before using crystallization as a finish.
If the surface is only dull, only crystallization can work to get an amazing finish.

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