When we use deep cleaning as a method, we clean the floor surface with different specialty products, all to remove specific dirt. For example, we use Different alkaline detergents to go in depth with removing dirt, grease and particles. Then we can use means for rust removal or kalkborttagare where needed.
After cleaning, the pores of the stone are completely open and then we use our Perform Stentvål the original to react with the stone's lime and clog the pores and regrease the stone so that the stone again gets its protection and luster.
Chemical deep Cleaning is recommended on floors that have a smooth finish and are heavily soiled. You can deep cleanse all types of natural stone surfaces and also terrazzo floors, floor tiles and concrete floors.

Below we have in a AGGLOMARMORGOLV used Perform Deep Stone Cleaner For cleaning then we have diamantslipat and finally we våtkristalliserat with Perform MPC.